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                                                                   FAMILY NICOL-NICOLE-NICOLLE-NICHOLS

    Jocelyne 2 years

First communion
May8, 1955  6 years

At the Marie-Rose Boarding School, Jocelyne, 14 years

   Jocelyne graduation  june 1964

   Jocelyne 17 years

Jocelyne  "Mamie Jo"
                                                                       My parents and my grandparents

GrandfatherHenri Nicol
30 years

Grandmother Angeline Versailles dit Chenel 1950

Dad Henri the soldier 1940-45

    My Mother 1946

  Maternal Grandfather Gédéon Gauthier  1907

Maternal grandmother Gertrude Richer 1907

                                                                                              Great grandsparents

Alexandre Nicole
paternal great-grandfather

Joséphine Philomène Brousseau
paternal great-grandmother

Edouardina Ferron-Chenel
adoptive great grandmother

Joseph Chenel
 adoptive great grandfather

                                                      Others members of the family NICOL descendants of Olivier Nicolle
                                                       Sons of Jean-Baptiste NICOL  with his first wife Rose de Lima Dubé
Note : Jean-Baptiste/Olivier/Olivier
Thank you special with Marie-Claire Nicol for the photographs, special thanks to Philip Fournier(Georgiana Nicol) Doug Kabel (Muriel Nichols) and Maryfrances Nichols Barbizon (Arthur Nichols)
                    Joseph Ephrem 1867-1956                                                             Celestin 1870-1933                               Jean-Baptiste Nicol 1866-1948
Ephrem Nicol and Georgianna Royer with children                                  Celestin and 2nd wife and RoseAnna Renaud with
                                                                                                                                                  their daughters only, 
Joseph (Lydia Corriveau) and Georgianna (Laurent Fournier).                  Rose, Annette, Loretta, Marguerite, Muriel
This photo, very grainy, came from the photo albums of the Simards.  The youngest girl in the photo passed this photo onwards in her legacy.  Le jeune Robert is member to her legacy.
As we all know Olivier II (brother to Marie-Rose) had 4 sons: Olivier III, Louis, Benjamin and Jean-Baptiste.  We have only one contact with Benjamin's lignee amongst us:  Sylvie Rouleau Bessey.  Sylvie is descendant by way of Benjamin's daughter Marie-Desanges Nicol (Mme David Veilleux).
David et Desanges had a daughter Odile (again Sylvie's direct line) who married Edouard Fontaine. 
 Desanges' brother Benjamin (who was the second child of the Olivier II brothers, Benjamin, named Benjamin. The firstborn, a female, lived only hours and was named Benjamin also) married Philomene Perreault.  They had only one child, Elisabeth.  Elisabeth, first cousine to Odile, married Jean Fontaine, the first cousin to Edouard Fontaine.
 After the marriage of Elisabeth, the parents Benjamin et Philomene became servants at St Evariste de Forsyth.  In the attached photo, courtesy of Henri Nicol, we see Benjamin et Philomene with the children of their employers. 
This photo was taken at St Evariste de Forsyth vers 1910.  Benjamin was born le 23 mai 1842, and thus is near 70 ans in this photo.
 Benjamin, epoux de Philomene Perreault, was first cousin to Alexandre,(great-grandfather of Jocelyne Nicol-Quillivic) Olivier III, Jean, and Marie Nicole Simeon.
Text Marie-Claire Nicol
                                                               Daughter of Louis NICOLE  and Marie-Louise Royer

 Marie Nicole 
Daughter of Louis Nicole and M-Louise Royer
Note : Louis/Olivier/Olivier

                                       Marie Nicole and Siméon Blais
See the website of their descent and other photos
Donna Riffle Dickson
                                                                       Sons of Etienne-Ferdinand Nicole and Joséphine Langevin
Note : Etienne/Olivier/Olivier

Alexis(Alexander) NICHOLS 1875-1933
his wife Mélinda Labonté
their sons Léon and Arthur Francis Nichols

  Stanislas dit Dennis NICHOLS July1870-April 1942 with wife Octavia Lemay
Back Row left to righ: Alfred-Albert, Melvina Florence, Edouard, Hattie, Walter and Charles
Center Row : Délia, Stanislas dit Dennis and Octavia Lemay, Ida
Front Row : Clarence, Eva, Nellie

Photo take between  1935 et 1938

In the parish of Maskinonge (Maskinonge County).

Cécile Nicol was the grandchild of Sarah Branconnier. Cécile Nicol was the daughter of Alfred Nicol & Rosanna McMurray

Gracefully placed at our disposal by Claire Lambert-Lemyre
 Her mother-in-law is Ursule Garand




Top left to right  : Leonidas Garand – Cecile Nicol – Sarah Branconnier-McMurray from St-Alexis-des-Monts (gardian of the children)

Middle left to right : Ursule Garand – Roger Garand (with his dog) – Thérèse Garand

Down left to right : Jules Garand – Cecile Garand – Roland Garand


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