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 We are sorry to be able to entirely put our site in English because we do not practise English correctly. Please see our French website and translate with Alta Vista while waiting for that we find a solution. Thank you very much of your comprehension. 


The purpose of this site is to share our work concerning the ancestors of Jocelyne who migrated to New France in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, and those of Bernard who are of various French provinces and of Belgium.  And especially a study with emphasis on Olivier Nicolle, Jocelyne's direct ancestor, who lead a full life.
This site includes, for your pleasure, the "Roles" of the outgoing vessels from France to New France including emmigrant passengers aboard as well as the trading ships and those ships seeking fishing grounds along Newfoundland, the Gulf of the St. Lawrence River and off the coast of Labrador.  We also address that part of Canadian history which our ancestors lived, the arrival of the Carignan Regiment from whom many descend as well as other events such as the Seven Years War.
This site is evolutionary.  We will update regularly on a monthly basis.  We cordially thank all who helped us in this adventure.
We will study the various archives on the coasts of Normandie, Bretagne and Poitou-Charentes.  If health permits, for it is certain to take time and a lot of patience.
We are young retirees with time before us and a passion for genealogical research which lead us to the research of the boats of our ancestors.  Only money restricts us, for there are hotel and gasoline expenses which slow are heat...  If our research interests you and you wish to contribute, even perhaps as a benefactor, your name will be cited here and you will be the first to have the results of our research of which you are associated.

Contact us by email:
Ships and history: bernardquillivic@migrations.fr
: jocelynenicol@migrations.fr


Godparents of our website :

Marie-Claire Nicol and Charles Campeau


I am Marie-Claire Nicol, descandant of Olivier Nicolle just as Jocelyne. 
I am an US citizen because my grandfather, Pierre Nicol, met a pretty girl at his half-brother, Celestin's first wedding.  Claire Roy lived in Lawrence MA, so Pepere Pierre left Bromptonville near Sherbrooke, Quebec to court his brother's niece-in-law.
I have been involved in our family's genealogy since the death of my aunt, Therese Nicol D'Angelo.  She had hoped to complete her work, but cervical cancer called her to the Lord.  My work has mainly been to collect the works of the various Cousins and interweave them.  Jocelyne has taken the time to enter all these branches into her genealogical database.
It has been my privilege to work with Jocelyne and Bernard in translating many pages of this important website.  If any of our bilingual Cousins find mistakes, please correct me.  I have tried to stay true to the meaning of Jocelyne's and Bernard's words.  So without further ado, enjoy our history.








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