Accueil  The story of Pierre Peter BLAIS-BLAIR



BA = Bowlus Advance
BI = Bowlus Independent
Her = Herald, Little Falls
LF = Little Falls Daily


March 24, 1881 LF   I have made arrangements to accommodate persons wishing to visit my maple sugar camp in West Little Falls, and will give them all the sugar they can eat also their dinner for fifty cents each, or one dollar a couple.  Signed Simon Blair, Sen. Blair, Simeon
Nov. 21, 1893 LF   Jerry, Mitchell and Peter Blair of Pike Creek returned last night from a deer hunting trip in the vicinity of Thunder lake and Moose river in the Northern part of the state.  They killed twenty-three deer, thirteen of which were sold in Brainerd and the remainder disposed of in this city. Blair, Mitchell, Jerry
July 1, 1895     Eli Blais and Miss Virginia Lagesse were married Sunday afternoon at the French Catholic church. Blair, Andre
Oct. 24, 1895 LF L.F. City Father Against Son – Simon Blair, Sr., who lives in Pike Creek town, about five miles west of the city swore out a warrant for the arrest of his son, Jerry on a charge of embezzlement.  The young man was found by the officers and placed under arrest at about 6 o’clock last evening.  It appears that the young man has been employed by his father on his farm for the last two years, and claims that he has coming in wages something near $350, which was not forthcoming.  His father yesterday entrusted him with a considerable amount of dressed pork and farm produce, which the young man was to bring to the market.  He carried out that part of the program, according to accounts and pocketed the proceeds, claiming that he was going to keep it and apply it on his wage account.  It is also stated that there was a mortgage on part of the property which was sold, and that the sale was made by Mr. Blair, Sr., for the purpose of paying it off.  He made a demand on the boy for the money, which was refused, hence the arrest.  When the young man was arrested there was no money to be found on his person.  The parties interested are now engaged in making a settlement, and it is probable that the case will not come up for trial.  It is understood that Cyril has agreed to give up the money, the amount is near $100 if his father will give a mortgage on his farm for the amount of wages due him. Blair, Simeon
Oct. 25, 1895 LF L.F. City The difficulty existing between Simon Blair and his son Cyril, which resulted in the arrest of the latter on Wednesday evening, on a charge of embezzlement, was adjusted satisfactorily and the young man was released from the custody of the sheriff late yesterday afternoon. Blair, Simeon, Cyril/Jerry
Jan. 23, 1896 LF Obit The little child of Mr. and Mrs. John Blair of Swan River, died on Wenesday afternoon from an attack of whooping cugh.  The funeral will be held tomorrow. Blair, John & Anna
April 14, 1899 Her   Solomon Blair (son of Nazaire) of Section 26, Pike Creek has moved to Section 12 Culdrum where he bought land last fall.  Blair, Nazaire
April 21, 1899 Her   Mary and Clara Blair have gone to Cloquet and will work in the paper mill there.  Blair's
April 28, 1899 Her   Frank Blair has taken the job of carrying the mail daily from Longville to Swanville for $165 per year to commence July 1.  Blair, Frank
March 10, 1900 LF Swanville Thos. & Cypreon Blair went to Little Falls on Saturday to see their father, who is dangerously ill at the hospital.  The old gentleman has been suffering for many years with paralysis and on Saturday had another stroke. Blair, John Baptiste
April 26, 1900 LF Swan River Mr. & Mrs. S. Blair and Mrs. John Blair of Flensburg were visiting friends in Swan River Sunday. Blair, Nazaire & Sim
April 27, 1900 LF Swanville Cyrpeon Blair of this place was married on Tuesday to a young lady of Belle Prairie, we did not learn her name (Helen Deranbeau).  A reception was given at the home of the groom.  We wish them a pleasant journey through life. Blair, John Baptiste
June 23, 1900 LF Swanville Mrs. Thos. (Minnie) Blair is still improving in health. Blair, John Baptiste
June 27, 1900 LF Swanville Mrs. John Blair received a telegram on Monday bringing the sad news of the death of her sister, Mrs. Herman Utsh, of Little Falls.  She went down to attend the funeral.  (Mina.  John is the son of John B., grandson of John Baptiste) Blair, John Baptiste
Aug. 25, 1900 LF Swanville Mrs. John Blair and Miss Tillie Hedin, of Blair's Mill were callers here on Monday.  Mrs. Blair brought in a branch of a plum tree from her orchard, which was covered with fresh flowers and ripe plums on the same bough. Blair's
Aug. 31, 1900 LF Swanville John Blair and family visited Little Falls friends over Sunday. Blair's
Aug. 31, 1900 LF Swanville Mr. and Mrs. Cyrpeon Blair visited with friends near Brainerd over Sunday. Blair, John Baptiste
Nov. 5, 1900 LF L.F. City Eli Blair of Swanville was issued a hunting license.  99 were issued in all.  None to non-residents. Blair, Nazaire
Nov. 23, 1900 LF Swanville Eli Blair and Jack McHattie returned on Saturday from the northern part of the state, where they had been on a hunting trip.  They brought with them three moose and several deer.  They report a splendid week of sport.  Eli is giving his friends a rare treat in the shape of a mess of moose meat. Blair, Nazaire
Dec. 21, 1900 LF Swanville Louis Blair returned home on Wednesday from Michigan where he has been at work in the pineries. Blair, Nazaire
Feb. 4, 1901 LF L.F. City John Blair, who lives about three miles southwest of the city (Swanville), had the misfortune to break his right leg Monday while at work skidding some logs.  In some manner, Mr. Blair's leg was caught between the log and a tree. Blair, John Baptiste
Feb. 7, 1901 LF L.F. City John Blair transacted business in Little Falls last week. Blair's
April 11, 1901 LF Swanville Mrs. John Blair is visiting in Little Falls this week. Blair, John Baptiste
April 19, 1901 LF Swanville A large number of people of this village visited John Blair's sugar camp Sunday. Blair's
April 26, 1901 LF L.F. City Simon Blair received the news Friday morning that he was a grandfather.  A son was born Thursday to Mr & Mrs J. Kelly of Cloquet. Blair, Simeon
June 14, 1901 LF Swanville Mrs. Peter Blair is dangerously ill.  Dr. Corrigan and Dr. Christle of Long Prairie are attending her. Blair, John Baptiste
Sept. 16, 1901 LF Swan River Miss Nora Blair, of Pike Creek, is visiting at Mr & Mrs Kliber's Blair, Simeon
Sept. 16, 1901 LF Swan River Mrs. S. Blair of Ledoux, visited at Mr. Kliber's Sunday.  (Josephine, Kliber is her father) Blair, Nazaire
Nov. 22, 1901 LF Swanville Eli Blair and Bert Turner returned home Friday from a hunting trip in the northern part of the state.  Their crew brought back seven deer. Blair, Nazaire
Dec. 6, 1901 LF Swan River Mr. & Mrs. Paul Krottoschinsky and Mr. & Mrs. Kliber, visited at Mitchell Blair's in Pike Creek Sunday.  (Mitchell's wife is Tilda Kliber) Blair, Simeon
March 31, 1902 LF L.F. City The home of Jerry Blair is quarantined on account of the illness of one of his children with scarlet fever. Blair, Jerry
April 29, 1902 LF   Peter Blair, an employee in the Pine Tree Lumber company's mill had the misfortune to get his hand caught in the knives of one of the planers at the mill.  Two fingers were badly cut, but amputation is thought to be unnecessary. Blair, John Baptiste
Aug. 9, 1902 LF Obit Mary, the 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Myott, who reside about one mile north of the city, died at St. Gabriel’s hospital Friday afternoon at 4:30, death resulting very suddenly from heart failure.  Miss Myott was taken to the hospital Monday and on Thursday an operation was performed for appendicitis.  The operation was a successful one and up to within an hour of her death, she was doing well.  Heart failure set in and in spite of the most powerful heart stimulants administered, death ensured.  The operation developed the fact that in addition to appendicitis that the young lady’s whole abdomen was lined with tubercular growth, but had her heart been equal to the occasion, the physicians state that her recovery would have been highly probable and that without the operation she could not have lived, owing to the diseased appendix and tubercular deposits.  The funeral services will be held from the French Catholic church Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock. Blair, Simeon’s gr-daughter
Feb. 27, 1903 LF Swanville Mrs. Peter Blair is reported very ill. Blair, John Baptiste
Feb. 27, 1903 LF Swanville Louis Blair returned from north part of the state on Thursday. Blair, Nazaire
May 8, 1903 LF Swan River Miss Mary Kliber, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Sol. Blair, came home Sunday. Blair, Nazaire
May 16, 1903 LF   Jack Blair (Nazaire, also known as Jack) of Swanville was in the city Friday with eight head of fine stall fed cattle which he sold to Ziembowski & Wilczek. Blair, Nazaire
Nov. 16, 1903 LF Obit (Monday) A four weeks old child of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Blair of Swanville died on Sunday after a short illness.  The remains will be interred at Swan River Tuesday  
June 1, 1904 LF Obit The funeral of Miss Clara Blair, who died Monday of appendicitis, was held Wednesday morning from the French Catholic Church.  Interment took place at the Catholic cemetery.  The ladies of the Maccabees attended in today. Blair, Simon & Lucy
Nov. 29, 1904 LF L.F. City Simon Blair and his daughter Lizzie returned from Brainerd Tuesday morning.  They went there to consult Dr. Courtney regarding the young lady's condition.  The doctor decided that an operation for appendicitis was necessary.  The patient has been taken to St. Gabriel's hospital and Dr. Courtney will come to Little Falls Thursday to perform the operation, assisted by Dr. Millspaugh.  Less than a year ago Miss Clara Blair, another daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Blair, died from appendicitis.  The family is industrious and economical, and all held in the highest respect in the community, and there is much sympathy for them. Blair, Simeon
Nov. 30, 1904 LF L.F. City Miss Lizzie Blair, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Blair, was operated on for appendicitis at St. Gabriel's hospital on Wednesday by Drs. Courtney of Brainerd and Millspaugh of this city.  The operation was successful and the patient is doing nicely. Blair, Simeon
Feb. 28, 1905 LF L.F. City DIED –The 6-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Blair died Sunday afternoon of gastritis.  The funeral was held from the French Catholic church Tuesday morning at 9:30 o’clock. (Eugene Edward) Blair, Jerry
July 1, 1905 LF L.F. City Report of City Treasurer - Jerry Blair as janitor paid $20.00 Blair, John Baptiste
July 1, 1905 LF L.F. City Report of City Treasurer - Jerry Blair - cement crossing, paid $13.33 Blair, John Baptiste
July 5, 1905 LF L.F. City Report of City Treasurer - Expenses for the poor - Andrew Blair, house rent - $5.00.  (He continues to receive aid for a few months including Aug. & Oct.  Didn't copy all).  (not sure who he is) Blair's  ?????????
July 7, 1905 LF L.F. City Mrs. J. Blair and Mrs. Albert Davis of Toulon, Ill, are the guests of their brother, Chas. Guernon and will remain here for a short time Blair's 
July 7, 1905 LF L.F. City Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Davis and children of Toulon, Ill, went to St. Cloud Wednesday for a visit with their sister, Mrs. J. Duffy of that city. Blair's 
July 17, 1905 LF L.F. City Mrs. Simon Blair was taken seriously ill Sunday afternoon with a choleric attack, but her condition was somewhat improved Monday. Blair, Simeon
July 18, 1905 LF Fawndale Henny Kinney, John Zavett, Waldemar Lindstrom, Solomon Blair, Samuel Sutliff and Jimmie O'Donnell visited at Fawndale Friday. Blair, Nazaire
July 18, 1905 LF L.F. City Mesdames Blair and Davis of Toulon, Ill., who had been visiting relatives in St. Cloud, returned to Little Falls Tuesday and are the guests of their brother, Chas. Guernon. Blair's
Aug. 3, 1905 LF L.F. City Real Estate Transfers - Mitchel Blair and wife to Peter Knopik, 27 x 130 rods in NE corner 34-120-30.  $500. Blair, Simeon
Aug. 3, 1905 LF L.F. City Real Estate Transfers - Mitchel Blair and wife to Joseph Boras, E of SE, SE, 27-120-30;  $450 Blair, Simeon
Aug. 3, 1905 LF L.F. City Real Estate Transfers - Adger Roberts and wife to Nazar Blais, lots 10 and 11, 7-128-31 and 7 1/2 acres in lot 14, 31-129-31, $2,600.  (Adger Roberts is Nazier’s son-in-law) Blair, Nazaire
Aug. 3, 1905 LF L.F. City Real Estate Transfers - Nazar Blais and wife to W.H. Cox, same as next above, $3,000. Blair, Nazaire
Aug. 4, 1905 LF L.F. City Miss Nellie Blair (dau. of Simon and Lucy) went to St. Paul Saturday, where she will visit for a few weeks with the family of John Hughes.  Blair, Simeon
Aug. 22, 1905 LF L.F. City Mrs. A. Blais of Edmonton, Can., who visited during the past two weeks with her sister, Mrs. F..X. Goulet, left Tuesday morning for Quebec, where she will visit before returning home. Blair's
Aug. 25, 1905 LF Fawndale Frank Blair, Jimmie O'Donnell and Samuel Sutiff, visitied at Fawndale Saturday. Blair's
Sept. 22, 1905 LF Fawndale Mrs. Solomon Blair visited at Fawndale Wednesday. Blair, Nazaire
Sept. 29, 1905 LF L.F. City Simon Blair Jr., who has been employed at Kootenai, Idaho for several months, was recently joined by his family.  He is well satisfied with his situation and surroundings and is prospering. Blair, Simeon
Oct. 17, 1905 LF Swanville Eli Blair who has been employed in North Dakota, came home Friday (son of Nazaire) Blair, Nazaire
Oct. 17, 1905 LF Swanville L. Cyrus and John Chambers hauled wheat from the Geo. Chambers farm Saturday. (John, son-in-law of Nazaire) Blair, Nazaire
Oct. 17, 1905 LF Swanville John Pepin has leased Peter Blair's farm for the coming year and moved his family into it on Tuesday.  Mr. Blair will move to Montana, where he has a homestead.  (Peter son of John Baptiste) Blair, John Baptiste
Oct. 21, 1905 LF   Mitchell Blair left Saturday for Pine River (Cass County) with the view of locating there.  Blair, Simeon
Oct. 24, 1905 LF Swanville Peter Blair and family left Tuesday for Montana where they expect to reside. (son of John Baptiste) Blair, John Baptiste
Oct. 27, 1905 LF L.F. City Miss Nellie Blair went to Brainerd Friday where she will visit her sister, Mrs. John Hughes. Blair, Simeon
Oct. 28, 1905 LF   Killed by cave in - article on Felix Bastien.  Says he's a brother-in-law of Eli Blair (son of Andre) Blair, Andre
Oct. 30, 1905 LF L.F. City Death of Felix Bastien reads in part, "The family have just heard by telegram of the death of another relative, Eli Blair, in a saw mill at St. Hillaire.  The deceased was a brother-in-law of Mrs. J.F. Bastien of this city." Blair, Andre
Oct. 31, 1905 LF L.F. City Accident at St. Hillaire - J.F. Bastien returned Monday night from St. Hillaire (Pennington County) bringing with him the body of his brother-in-law, Eli Blair, who met his death in a saw mill at that place.  It seems that Saturday night Mr. Blair was working at his usual place in the mill, when he was struck in the groin by a piece of timber which flew out of the edger, fatally injuring the unfortunate man.  He lived but five hours, although he was conscious most of the time.  His relatives here were notified by telegram of his death, and Mr. Bastien left immediately for St. Hilaire to bring the body here for burial.  Mr. Blair leaves to mourn his untimely death a wife and five children.  Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. in the French Catholic Church. (son of Andre) Blair, Andre
Oct. 31, 1905 LF L.F. City The auditor's office at the courthouse is doing a thriving business in hunting licenses.  Among the nimrods who took out such licenses Monday were Geo. M. and Mitchell Blair of Pike Creek.  An immediate decrease in the viable supply of game is confidently expected. Blair, Simeon
Oct. 31, 1905 LF Swanville Eli Blair (son of Nazaire) who has been tending bar for R.E. Moore of Grey Eagle returned home Saturday.  He will leave this week with a party of deer hunters for the northern part of the state. Blair, Nazaire
Nov. 1, 1905 LF L.F. City The funeral of Eli Blair was held Wednesday afternoon from the French Catholic church.  Interment being in Calvary cemetery. Blair, Andre
Nov. 2, 1905 LF Swanville John Blair and family went to Little Falls Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mr. Blair's cousin, Eli Blair, who was killed in an accident in a saw mill. Blair, John Baptiste
Nov. 2, 1905 LF Swanville Eli Blair and others left Wednesday morning for the northern part of the state on a hunting trip. Blair, Nazaire
Nov. 6, 1905 LF L.F. City Below is a list of some of those who renewed subscription to Transcript, Miss Delia Pepin, Cyprion Blair, Thomas Blair and John Pepin.  (Pepin, children of Mrs. Mary Blais Pepin) Blair's
Nov. 9, 1905 LF Swanville Ed Blair and Leander Biteman returned from the west Monday. (Ed, son of Nazaire) Blair, Nazaire
Nov. 21, 1905 LF L.F. City During the past week several families have changed their places of residence.  Jerry Blair and family have moved into their residence on Broadway, formerly occupied by Mr. Gordon. Blair, John Baptiste
Nov. 25, 1905 LF Swanville Eli Blair, Walter Cofield, Court Vincent and Earl Arnold returned Wednesday from the northern part of the state, where they had been hunting.  They got one moose and five deer. Blair, Nazaire
Dec. 5, 1905 LF Swanville Mrs. Richard Chambers of the brickyards was called here on on Friday by the illness of her sister-in-law, Mrs. John Chambers. Blair, Nazaire
Dec. 5, 1905 LF Swanville Peter Blair who moved his family to Moore, Mont., a few weeks ago, returned to this place last week and shipped his stock and farm machinery to that place.  He is well pleased with Montana. Blair, John Baptiste
Dec. 5, 1905 LF Swanville Died, on Sunday morning at 4:30 o'clock, Mrs. John Chambers, aged 25 years, of acute Bright's disease.  Mrs. Chambers had been seriously ill but ten days, but had not been feeling very well for several months.  Margaret Elizabeth Blair, daughter of Mr and Mrs Nazair Blair was born Oct. 30, 1880 and was married to John Chambers Nov. 21, 1898.  She had been a resident of this place all her life, being born and having grown to womanhood on her father's farm just south of this place and has resided on a farm north of the village since her marriage.  She leaves to mourn her loss a husband and two children, a girl and a boy, aged respectively, 6 and 4 years, a father, mother, six brothers and one sister.  The brothers are Ed, Eli, Louie, and Nazaire Blair of this place, Solomon Blair of Swan River, Marshal Blair of Missouri and the sister is Mrs. Adgar Roberts.  Deceased has a large circle of old school mates and friends who will join in sympathy with the bereaved family.  The funeral will be held from St. John's Catholic church on Tuesday morning, conducted by Rev. Father Wippich. Blair, Nazaire
Dec. 7, 1905 LF Swanville There was a large attendance at the funeral services of Mrs. John Chambers which were held from St. John's Catholic church Tuesday.  The remains were laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery. Blair, Nazaire
Dec. 7, 1905 LF Swanville Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Blair of Swan River, who were called here by the death of Mr. Blair's sister, returned home Wednesday. Blair, Nazaire
Feb. 24, 1906 LF L.F. City One sale of first class passenger tickets for the west at the Northern Pacific depot in this city Sat., included six full and two half fare tickets, purchased for the family of Peter Van Curler and Mrs. Van Curler's aged parents, Mr and Mrs. Simon Blair.  Mr. Van Curler is now in the west, located at Sand Point, Idaho, and the family, with Mr. and Mrs. Blair will leave tomorrow to join him in his new home.  They have long been residents of L.F. and go to their future home with the best wishes of a large circle of friends and acquaintances. Blair, Simeon
Aug. 1, 1906 LF Obit John Baptiste Blair, an old resident of Morrison county, passed quietly away at the hospital Tuesday evening, July 31, at the advanced age of 80 years.  The cause of death was extreme old age and feebleness.  The deceased had been paralyzed and rendered helpless, twenty-two years prior to his demise.  He was born in Canada in 1826 and was married in 1849 to Miss Marguerite Roy of Quebec.  He came to this state in 1867 and took up his residence in Swanville, where he owned and operated a farm until the last six years since when he has resided in town.  The deceased leaves to mourn his loss a widow and eight children, two daughters, Mrs. St. Elwin of Long Prairie and Mary, a Franciscan sister, also six sons, John and Jerry of this city, Joseph, residing in Canada, Thomas and Cyprien of Swanville and Peter in Montana.  The funeral will be held from the church of St. Francis Xavier at 9 o'clock Thursday morning, interment in the Catholic cemetery (Calvary). Blair, John Baptiste
Oct. 25, 1906 LF Swanville Ed & Eli Blair returned from North Dakota Monday, where they have been employed for some time. Blair, Nazaire
Nov. 23, 1906 LF Swanville Louis Blair is loading his household goods and farm machinery and will leave Thursday for Canada, where he has a farm, and will reside there in the future. Blair, Nazaire
Dec. 6, 1906 LF Swanville Eli Blair and others returned from their hunting trip.  They brought back five deer. Blair, Nazaire
Jan. 21, 1907 LF Swanville Mrs. J.B. Blair visited several days with relatives at Little Falls, returning home Saturday. Blair, Simeon
Jan. 24, 1907 LF Swanville Ice harvest has begun at this place.  Thos. Blair and J. Pepin who have the exclusive right to cut ice on Pepin's lake are packing ice for all who wish it. Blair, John Baptiste
Feb. 14, 1907 LF Swanville Mrs. Nazair Blair has been on the sick list several days. Blair, Nazaire
Feb. 21, 1907 LF Swanville E. Blair of Bear Head took the train to this place Monday morning for Minneapolis where he will be operated upon for cancer of the lip. Blair, Nazaire
Feb. 26, 1907 LF Swanville Mrs. J.B. Blair has been very ill the past week. Blair's
Feb. 26, 1907 LF Swanville Frank Pepin who has been visiting with relatives here, left Monday for Spokane, Wash., where he has a position as fireman on the Northern Pacific railroad.  (Mother, Mary Blair) Blair's
Feb. 28, 1907 LF Swanville Mrs. Sylvester of Little Falls was called to this place the first of the week by the illness of her daughter, Mrs. J. B. Blair. Blair's
March 4, 1907 LF Swanville E. Blair of Bear Head returned from Little Falls Friday where he has been taking treatment for cancer of the face. Blair, Nazaire
March 7, 1907 LF E. Swanville Mrs. John Blair who has been dangerously ill is reported to be improving in health. Blair's
March 14, 1907 LF Swanville N. Blair and Wm. Pfeifer went out to their sugar camp west of town the first of the week to get things in shape for making maple sugar Blair, Nazaire
March 18, 1907 LF Swanville Eli Blair, who has been employed in the northern part of the state the past winter, returned home Sat Blair, Nazaire
March 25, 1907 LF Swanville Eli Blair left Friday for the northern part of the state where he will be employed. Blair, Nazaire
March 28, 1907 LF Swanville Ed Blair, who has been employed in the pineries in the northern part of the state, returned home Wednesday. Blair, Nazaire
April 1, 1907 LF Swanville Eli Blair returned from the northern part of the state Thursday. Blair, Nazaire
April 4, 1907 LF   About 20 ladies met at the home of Mrs. N. Blair on Tuesday evening and gave her a pleasant surprise in honor of her birthday anniversary.  The evening was spent in games and music after which refreshments were served. Blair, Nazaire
April 10, 1907 LF Swanville A number of the young people visited Philip Blair's sugar camp Sunday. Blair, John Baptiste
April 10, 1907 LF Swanville J.M. Chevalier has purchased one of Mrs. M. (Mary) Pepin's houses and will move his family into it. Blair's
April 16, 1907 LF Swan River Peter Blair received word Monday morning from Sand Point, Idaho, announcing the death of his grandmother (mother), Mrs. Simon Blair, Sr., who died there Friday morning.(Marie NICOLE)  Mrs. Blair was well known here, having lived in this country nearly all her life, but left here a year ago for Sand Point. Blair, Simeon
April 22, 1907 LF Swan River Mrs. J.B. Blair and daughter Edna went to Little Falls Friday for a visit with relatives. Blair, John Baptiste
May 3, 1907 LF E. Swanville Mr and Mrs Peter Blair visited Little Falls Wednesday.  (Peter, son of John B.) Blair, John Baptiste
May 4, 1907 LF L.F. City The 3-year-old son of Peter Blair is ill with pneumonia. Blair, Simeon
May 6, 1907 LF Swanville J.J. McRae and John Blair, who have been transacting business in Little Falls, returned Thursday. Blair's
May 23, 1907 LF Swanville Mrs. Mina Blair of Little Falls was a business visitor at this place Friday. Blair, John Baptiste
June 1, 1907 LF L.F. City Andrew Blair still receiving rent to the poor, $5 and $10.  Continues from 1905 Blair's ?????
June 1, 1907 LF L.F. City Jerry Blair still employed as janitor, receiving salary: $20.00 per month Blair, John Baptiste
June 17, 1907 LF Swanville Harry Vincent, Walter Cofield and Nazair Blair, Jr. left Monday for Glendive, Mont., where they will be employed on a government ditch. Blair, Nazaire
June 20, 1907 LF Swanville Mrs. Mina Blair and daughter Edna of Little Falls visited relatives at this place the first of the week. Blair, John Baptiste
June 20, 1907 LF Swanville Andrew (Andre) Blair of Cass Lake visited at this place over to Sunday with his brother, N. Blair and family. Blair, Andre, Nazaire
June 24, 1907  LF Swanville We understand that John Blair has sold his farm east of town to parties from Long Prairie.  The parties were looking over the premises Sunday. Blair, Simeon
Jan. 3, 1908 Pen Idaho Simon Blair met with a serious and what may yet prove to be a fatal accident, while going to his home Christmas day.  He had attended services at the Catholic Church Christmas morning and while returning from the services, fell and sustained a fracture and dislocation of the hip.  He was at once taken to the Van Curler home on Pine St. and Dr. Webb was summoned to attend his injuries.  Everything possible has been done to ease his suffering and save his life, but his advanced age, 75 years and his growing weakness, make his condition quite critical. Blair, Simeon
Feb. 24, 1908 LF L.F. City Swanville farmer (Blair) robbed of $142 while drunk.  Swanville farmer takes brandy for cold - is robbed - boy confesses.  (See article.  Further checking with courthouse shows that the boy was a juvenile and this Blair will never be revealed). Blair's
Feb. 25, 1908 LF Swan River Miss Mary Kliber is visiting her sister, Mrs Sol. Blair in Swanville this week. Blair, Nazaire
March 12, 1908 LF Swanville Mrs. Peter Blair of Montana who is here visiting at this place has been at the hospital at Little Falls for medical treatment. Blair, John Baptiste
May 12, 1908 LF ???? Mrs. Sol. Blair of this place received a telegram bringing the sad news of the death of her sister, Mrs. Mitchell Blair of Grand Rapids who passed away at that place on Thursday after a long illness.  The family resided at Swan River till a few years ago when they moved to Grand Rapids. Blair, Nazaire
May 15, 1908 LF RFD 3 Theodore Kliber was called to Grand Rapids by the death of his sister, Mrs. Mitchel Blair. Blair, Simeon
May 16, 1908 LF Swan River Theo. Kliber attended the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Mitchell Blair at Grand Rapids Sunday.  He returned home Wednesday. Blair, Simeon
May 21, 1908 LF Swanville During the thunderstorm on Wednesday about 5 o'clock, lightening struck the large new barn on Cyperon Blair's farm one mile east of this village (Swanville) and burned it to the ground.  Mr Blair saw that the barn was on fire and rushed to it and succeeded in getting out his horses and several head of calves that were in the barn, and only one set of harness and a half ton of hay were burned.  The barn was a fine one built about a year ago at a cost of $1,000.  Insurance carried was $700. Blair, John Baptiste
May 25, 1908 LF Swanville Mrs Sol Blair and children visited relatives at Elm Dale over Sunday. Blair, Nazaire
May 25, 1908 LF Swanville Eli Blair, who has been employed in the northern part of the state returned home Friday. Blair, Nazaire
May 28, 1908 LF Swanville Cypreon Blair transacted business in Little Falls Tuesday. Blair, John Baptiste
June 16, 1908 LF Swanville Cypreon Blair left Saturday for Moore, Montana, where he will visit his brother Peter Blair and if he likes the country, he expects to purchase land and move to that place. Blair, John Baptiste
June 18, 1908 LF Swanville Mrs. Thos. Blair and children were Little Falls visitors Tuesday. Blair, John Baptiste
Aug. 6, 1908 LF Swanville Mrs. Mina Blair and daughter Edna of Little Falls, who have been visiting relatives at this place, returned home Monday. Blair, John Baptiste
Aug. 28, 1908 LF RFD 3 Miss Blair of Grand Rapids is here for a visit with her grandmother, Mrs. Kliber. (Mitchell's dau.) Blair, Simeon
Sept. 18, 1908 LF L.F. City BABY SHOW HELD - Second prize went to the eleven month old daughter of Mrs. Thos. Blair of Swanville, weight twenty-four pounds. Blair, John Baptiste
Sept. 21, 1908 LF Swanville Mrs. Thos. Blair and children and Mrs Cypreon Blair and children visited relatives and attended the fair at Little Falls last week.  (sister-in-law’s) Blair, John Baptiste
Oct. 15, 1908 LF Swanville N. Blair has been on the sick list several days with an attack of rheumatism. Blair, Nazaire
Nov. 16, 1908 LF Swanville John Blair, who has been in St. Paul the past summer, returned to this place Friday.  He expects to spend the winter in California. Blair, John Baptiste
Dec. 28, 1908 LF Swanville Nazaire Blair, Jr., who has been employed at Glendive, Mont., the past eight months, returned home Tuesday to spend Christmas with his parents, Mr & Mrs Nazaire Blair. Blair, Nazaire
July 8, 1909 LF L.F. City Mrs. Margaret Blair, who died at the hospital Tuesday night, was buried in Calvary cemetery.  The funeral was held from the French Catholic church Tuesday morning.  The deceased had lived at the hospital for several years and was advanced in years, having reached the four score year mark.  Death was due to old age.  Her husband, who had been an inmate of the old peoples' department at the hospital, died a couple of years ago.  (Margaret nee Roy was married to John Baptiste Blair) Blair, John Baptiste
March 9, 1910 LF RFD 3 Frances Blair of Sauk Rapids is the guest of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Blair this week. Blair's ????
March 17, 1910 LF RFD 3 Frances Blair, who visited with relatives for some time, left for Little Falls where she will be employed. Blair's ????
March 22, 1910 LF Swanville Thos. Blair, Joe Pepin, Sol Blair, Fred Riebe, Oliver Dolven, Cypreon Blair and J.M. Chevalier, who went to Montana last week to look up homesteads, returned to this place Thursday.  They were not favorably impressed with Montana land. Blair's  
March 22, 1910 LF Swanville Eli Blair, who was called to Wisconsin last week to attend the funeral of his uncle returned home Thursday.  (Uncle was Andre Blair) Blair, Nazaire
May 12, 1910 LF Swanville Mr. & Mrs. Sol. Blair drove to Swan River Tuesday evening and attended the wedding of Mr. Blair's cousin Miss Louise Blair. Blair, Nazaire
Oct. 11, 1910 LF Swanville John Blair (married to Anna Wieczorek), a former resident of this place is visiting relatives here. Blair, Simeon
Oct. 11, 1910 LF Swanville A farewell party was given at the Cypreon Blair home Monday evening. Blair, John Baptiste
Oct. 11, 1910 LF Swanville Mrs Cyprion Blair and children departed for Moore, Mont., where they will reside in the future.  Mr. Blair will leave this week with his stock, farm machinery and household goods.  Dr. Newman of Little Falls was in town inspecting Mr. Blair's horses. Blair, John Baptiste
Jan. 19, 1911 LF RFD 3 Mr & Mrs John Blair, here for a visit from Washington left for a short visit at St. Paul.  Mrs. Peter Blair accompanied them. Blair, Simeon
Oct. 13, 1911 LF Swanville Eli Blair, who is employed near Morris, came home Thursday to thresh his grain and returned to that place Tuesday. Blair, Nazaire
Oct. 25, 1911 LF Swanville Joe Maloney will be employed on N. Blair's farm at Pillsbury for some time.  Blair, Nazaire
May 5, 1916 LF Not sure Alex Blair, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Sol Blair, is seriously ill from an attack of pneumonia. Blair, Sol
Dec. 8, 1916 B.I. no local col Jury list for January term of court = Ed Blair of Swanville (there are no women listed for grand or petit) Blair, Nazaire
Aug. 28, 1920 LF Obit

Theodore Leo Blair, 16 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blair of this city died this morning at 3:45 o’clock at St. Gabriel’s hospital from bowel trouble.  He has been ill for the past three weeks and lately he became much weaker.
The deceased was born and raised in this city.  He attended the local schools and was well liked by all of his boy friends.  He had been employed during the summer months and was getting along very nicely up to the time when he became ill three weeks ago.  He is survived by his parents and two brothers, Wilfred and Lester.  The funeral will be held Monday morning at 9 o’clock from St. Francis Xavier church and interment will be in Calvary cemetery. 

Blair, Simon & Lucy’s grandson
Jan. 3, 1922   Obit Springfield, Oregon – F.X. Blair died suddenly Tuesday morning, January 3, at his home on 2nd and H. Streets.  He was born in eastern Canada 68 years ago and had lived in the United States 65 years and in this part of Oregon about 20 years.  He was a millwright and his work required him to go from place to place.  He leaves his wife and one son, Matt E. Blair, who has made his home with his parents.  The funeral will be at Walker’s Chapel at 2:30 Saturday, January 7.  It is delayed to give time for a brother and sister from Montana to arrive.  The funeral will be conducted by Rev. R.C. Miller.  The burial will be at Laurel Hill Cemetery. Blair, Simeon
Jan. 13, 1922 BA no local col. Peter Blair, residing on route 5 from this city, has received news of the death of a brother, Frank Blair, at Springfield, Ore.  Deceased will be remembered by the old residents of Little Falls, having resided here a number of years ago.  The death occurred Jan. 3rd. - Transcript Blair, Simeon
June 22, 1923 BA no local col. Mr. Jack Widzorek (Wieczorek) and Mrs. Annie Blair of St. Paul, (Annie is from Washington state, not St. Paul.  Jack changed his name from John Wieczorek to Jack Wenzel) brother and sister of Mrs. Peter Blair of Swan River, visited here at the Geo. Pierzina home and with their Swan River relatives Sunday and Monday. Blair, Simeon
June 27, 1926 LF Obit Word has been received by relatives of the death of John Blair on June 25 at Estacada, Ore.  Interment took place Saturday at Vancouver, Wash.  He is survived by a son, Philip Blair of Estacada, Ore., and a daughter, Mrs. Ernest (Edna) Chounard of Cloquet, Minn.  There are also four brothers and one sister, Ceperian (Cyprian) and Peter of Montana, Thomas of Swanville, Minn., and Joseph of Canada, and Mrs. Louis St. Antoine of St. Paul, Minn.  Mr. Blair was formerly a resident of Swanville. (divorced, he is the son of John Baptiste and Marguerite Roy) Blair, John Baptiste
Jan. 28, 1927 LF   Tax assessments;  Blair, Solomon, value $340, tax due - $28.23.  Blair, N., value $50, tax due - $4.86, Blair, Ed, value $125, tax due - $12.14. Blair's
March 29, 1927 LF Swanville Mrs. Sol Blair visited relatives at Little Falls the past week. Blair, Nazaire
July 5, 1927 LF Swanville J.F. Adams, who is operating a ditching machine in the vicinity of Elk River spent the Fourth here with his family.  Louis Blair, Gilbert Vincent and Allen Ekberg, who are employed on the Adams ditching machine, spent the Fourth at their homes here. Blair, Nazaire
Aug. 25, 1927 LF   Lester Blair, who has been employed at the Consumer's grocery for several months, has been transferred to the St. Cloud store and will leave tomorrow morning for that city.  (son of Peter & Josie) Blair, Simeon
July 15, 1927 LF Swanville Miss Eva Blair of Saskatchewan visited relatives here the past week.  She is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Louis Blair, former residents of this place. Blair, Nazaire
April 25, 1929 LF Obit The Swanville News: Nazair B. Blair died of infirmities of age at the home of his son Sol. at 3 p.m. Monday, April 22, at the age of 94 years, 1 mo. and 16 days.  He was born in Quebec, Canada, March 6, 1835.  In 1866, he was married to Margaret St. Peter (St. Pierre) and to this union eight children were born: two daughters, Mrs. Mary Roberts and Mrs. Margaret Chambers, who preceded him in death, and six sons who survive him, Ed and Sol. of Swanville, Louie and Marshal of Saskatchewan, Can., Eli of Baudette, Minn. and Nazair Jr. of Montana.  In 1866 Mr. and Mrs. Blair came to the United States and settled on the homestead south of town, where they resided until about 1888 when the homestead was sold to their son Sol and they purchased a residence in Swanville.  Mrs. Blair passed away in 1922 and Mr. Blair and son Ed bached it until in 1927 when he went to live with his son Sol and family, where he remained until his death.  Funeral services were held at St. John's church Wed. morning, April 24 at 9:30.  Interment was made in the Catholic cemetery southwest of town, Rev. Fr. Lauer officiating. Blair, Nazaire
April 19, 1930 LF   SISTER DIES IN OREGON – Peter Blair has received word of the death of his sister, Mrs. Peter Vancurler at Milwaukie, Oregon, yesterday.  Mrs. Vancurler was a former resident of Little Falls.  Interment will be made at Sand Point, Idaho. Blair, Mary Van Curler
Nov. 21, 1930 LF Front page HUNTER OF 1893 STILL GETS ‘EM  Peter Blair Returned With 23 Long Ago: Shoots Buck This Year.  A great deer hunter 37 years ago, Peter Blair of Pike Creek is still a great deer hunter.  In the 37 years ago column yesterday it was recorded that Mr. Blair and Harry Mitchell (sic Jerry and Mitchell Blair) returned with 23 deer.  There was no law limit at that time and the practice of marketing the game was universal.  On the same day that the old-time feat was recalled, Mr. Blair returned home with a buck secured with one shot.  Years have not detracted from his skill or hardiness.  Accompanying Mr. Blair was his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Boomer of St. Paul, who also possessed their bucks. Blair, Jerry, Mitchell & Peter
Jan. 24, 1939 LF   A telegram received a few days ago by Mrs. Peter Blair stating that her sister, Mrs. Jerry Blair, had died at Kennewick, Wash., was not correct.  It was Mr. Blair who died.  Rites were held yesterday morning at Kennewick.  Mr. Blair was a brother of the late Peter Blair of Route 2.  John Blair of Washington and Mitchell Blair of Montana are brothers of the deceased. Blair, Simeon      Jerry (Cyril)
Aug. 18, 1939 Her Page 8 Thos. Blair, who has been confined to his bed the past six weeks from a stroke of paralysis, is now able to walk and ride out for a short time. Blair, Jean Baptiste’s son Thomas
May 31, 1940 LF Obit John Blair was born in Little Falls, August 6, 1868, living the years of his childhood in that immediate neighborhood and April 14, 1890, he was married to Miss Anna Wieczorek of the same community.  This past April 14, the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Blair, all of their six children and several of the grandchildren spent the day in the Pasco home of Mrs. Jake Pflinger with whom Mrs. Blair was staying while her husband lay ill in the hospital.  The day was quietly spent visiting with Mrs. Blair and a few minutes at a time with Mr. Blair in the hospital.  Mr. Blair was one of the pioneer wheat farmers of Adams county, had been in failing health for the past three years but continued living on his farm out at Kahlotus until late in 1939 when his critical condition necessitated his removal to the hospital. The one interest in life, aside from his family for Mr. Blair was wheat farming, and he continued in his work which he had already enjoyed in Minnesota and after he came to Washington in the early years of 1900.  He was a charter member of the Kahlotus grange, and was also a member of the Modern Woodsmen.  Mr. Blair is survived by his widow at the Blair farm, three daughters and three sons, all living in Washington.  Funeral services were held Monday morning at St. Patrick's Catholic Church with Father Fleur in charge of the services.  Interment was made in City View cemetery. --Pasco (Wash.) Herald, May 23.  He was a brother of the late Peter Blair.  Mrs. J.C. Hughes and Peter Blair of this city are niece and nephew of the deceased.  Deceased was a resident of Swan River prior to removing to Washington. Blair, Simeon
1944 LF scrapbook

Pvt. Wilfred Blair Missing in Action - A former Little Falls man, Pvt. Wilfred Blair, has been missing in action for three weeks in France, the government has informed his wife, who resides in Detroit, Mich.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blair of this city and graduated from high school here in 1925.
Pvt. Blair entered army service about 18 months ago and went overseas last April.  He was with an infantry medical unit.

Blair, Simon gr-son Peter & Josie son
Sept. 12, 1944 LF Front page W. Blair Reported Killed in Action - PFC Wilfred Blair was killed in action Aug.5 in France according to a message received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blair. He was previously reported missing. Blair, Peter & Josie son
Nov. 4, 1948 LF   Swanville News - Mrs. Minnie Blais came Friday to visit her children.  She returned to Grand Rapids Sunday. Don’t know
June 13, 1949 LF  

RE-INTERMENT - The body of Pvt. Wilfred S. Blair, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blair, will arrive in Little Falls at 11:25 a.m. Wednesday.  Military funeral services will be in charge of the American Legion Post Thursday morning at 9 o’clock at St. Mary’s church, with Rev. T.  Leo Keaveny officiating.  Burial will be in the family lot in Calvary cemetery.  The body will be at the Simonet Funeral Home, and friends may call there.  The rosary will be said at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.
Pvt. Blair was a member of the medical detachment of the 22nd infantry division.  He was killed in action near St. Lo, in Normandy, France, on August 5, 1944.  He was born in Little Falls on September 22, 1906.  Lester Blair, Flint, Mich., and Dr. Keith P. Blair of Little Falls are brothers of the deceased.  Two other brothers preceded him in death.  He was married to Jean Williamson in October of 1933.  She is now Mrs. Edward Papp of Flint, Mich.

Blair, Peter & Josie son


Dec. 27, 1960 LF Obit

Eugene Blair
Eugene Blair, 64, Sand Point, Idaho, died on Christmas Day, following surgery.  Born in Little Falls, he had left this city when a child, but had visited here frequently, his latest visit being last summer.
He is survived by his wife, Jessie; a daughter, Mrs. Clarence Ripple (Lila) and four grandchildren in Montana; a brother and three sisters, Peter Blair and Mrs. J.C. Hughes (Delia), Little Falls; Mrs. Mamie Kelly, Portland, Ore. And Mrs. Joseph Goulette (Nellie), Sand Point Idaho.  No details were received as to funeral services

Blair, Simon & Lucy son
March 27, 1962 LF Obit Relatives here have received word of the death of Archie Blair, 58, Santa Rosa, Calif., of cancer March 22.  His brother, Andrew Blair, died Jan. 15, at the age of 60 of a heart attack in San Francisco.  They were sons of the late Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Blair and moved from Little Falls about 40 years ago.  Mrs. Mitchell Blair was the former Tillie Kliber, a sister of Leo and Charles Kliber of Little Falls.

Archie & Andrew Blair, sons of Mitchell


August 2, 1962 WA Article


Five Generations Gather to Help Mrs. Blair Celebrate Birthday No. 90  Planning a big shindig for their mother, Mrs. John Blair, in celebration of her ninetieth birthday anniversary, her children took her to the family farm to rest up for the event.  When they returned for her they found Mrs. Blair in the height of her glory, cooking for a harvest crew.  Mrs. Blair reluctantly gave up her place at the range to go to the beauty saloon to be prettied up for the celebration.

The Blair picnic was held Sunday in a Pasco park.  On hand to wish her many happy returns were her four children, 13 of her 20 grandchildren, and 19 great grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren.  More than 60 persons attended.Her daughters are Mrs. Walter (Mae) Masiker, Spokane; Mrs. Earl (Rose) Kalk, Pasco, and Mrs. Leon L. (Estella) Bailie, Block 20.  Her son, F. Clarence Blair, came from San Diego
The birthday party set two firsts for Franklin County's newest nonagenarian.  Mrs. Bailie and her brother presented their mother with a carnation corsage and Mrs. Pat Dierlam, Pasco, a niece, gave her an orchid.  The corsages were the first store bought posies she could recall ever having received, and the orchid certainly was a new experience for her.  "Flowers cost a lot of money when we were on the farm," said Mrs. Blair.

Anna Wieczorek was born in Germany July 27, 1872.  When she was 18 months old she migrated to the United States with her parents, who took up a homestead near Little Falls, Minn.  On April 14, 1890, she became the bride of John Blair.  Thirteen years later, in 1903, they heeded the enthusiastic beckoning of Blair's brother and came west to Washington's agricultural wonderland.

The Blair's bought Arthus Phillippay's homestead north of Kahlotus and settled there.  After the Midwest plains, Mrs. Blair was terrified by the hill after hill of this country, and lived in constant fear of Indian attack.  In short, she didn't like the bill of goods her husband had bought.  And when the winds came, and she had to sweep her home with a shovel instead of a broom, she really longed for good old Minnesota.

But by 1908, when the Blair's bought an adjacent half section and built thereon, and added such niceties as a well (on the second try), Mrs. Blair began to warm up to her new locale.

There hadn't been any Indian massacres and she had learned those rolling hills produced fine grain.

Also, by that time, Mrs. Blair had found that although Indians hadn't materialized some wonderful neighbors had.  The community dances were never to be forgotten events.  Laden with food the families would go to some friends home, dance until around midnight, knock off for food, then resume dancing until time to head back home for the morning chores.

Estella said her mother taught several young men to dance thus initiating them in an avenue of entertainment she dearly loved and usually starting them on a road to romance.  Mrs. Blair said the Kelso boys, Roy and Carl, were the only two she remembered teaching, but admitted there may have been others.

The people of the area had some wonderful dances in the hall over Lee Kirby's store in Kahlotus, Mrs. Blair recalled.  Kirby was the father of the present Kahlotus merchant, Vester and the store was across the street from the present Kirby building.

Another fond memory Mrs. Blair retains is cooking for the harvest crew.  Although their farm was comparatively small, she cooked for up to 17 men on the place.  In addition, Blair had a steam powered machine with which he did custom threshing as well as his own.  The Blair's also had a combination cook and dining wagon which went with the thresher from farm to farm.  Mrs. Blair did the cooking on the wagon one year, but thereafter delegated it to her daughters.

"At first we had one long table down the center of the wagon," said Mrs. Blair.  "When we put out pie the men at one end would get it all.  It never reached the other end.

"John fixed that by making three separate tables.  Placed them as closely together as possible and we could seat 12.  We put a pie at each table and usually all got a piece.

The Blair girls slept on straw alongside the wagon.  I'd set the table, plates bottom side up, before going to bed," recounted Mrs. Estella, "and my sister would let me sleep while she cooked breakfast.  That was wonderful."

Mrs. Blair was a charter member of the Kahlotus Grange, and also of Sandhills Grange, when it was organized, the family said.

Mr. and Mrs. Blair celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, April 14, 1940, but Mr. Blair was not well at the time.  He died a month later, on May 16.

Tony Mosbrucker, who came as a farm hand, stayed on to work for Mrs. Blair until she decided to move to Pasco.  Since then she as leased the place to Mosbrucker.

Mrs. Blair lives on the third floor of Isabel Apartments in Pasco.  Sometimes she trudges up and down the stairs several times, especially on Sundays for church services.  Her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Kalk live across the hall in the same apartment.

Members of the Blair can came from far and near for Mrs. Blair's birthday party and the foodstuffs they brought made the park tables groan.  A granddaughter, Mrs. Earl Bangle, came from Enumclaw.  In her group were three teen-age children, Bette, Earl and Mary, plus a grown son, Arnold Dieringer, and his daughter, Linda.

Other grand and/or great grandchildren included: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ferry, Spokane; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blauert and children, Carl, Karen and Kathy, Spangle; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Love and sons, Kerry and Dennis, Richland.Mr. and Mrs. Marion Jenson, Duane and Juanita, Granger; Mrs. Charles Stinehart and son, Robert Toppenish; Mrs. Rosemary Stephens, Happy Camp, Calif.,  Mr. and Mrs. Dale Blair, Duane, Janna, Karel, Kim and Gail, Spokane.   Mr. and Mrs. Howard Blair, Gary and Linda and Mr. and Mrs. John Blair, all of Naches. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blair, Jerry and Larry, Monroe; Mrs. Maude Blair and sons, James and William, Yakima; Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Blauert and son, Garth, Washtucna.  Garth is a great-great-grandchild.  Nieces Mrs. Dierlam, Pasco; Mrs. Nellie Thomas and Mrs. Laura Schmeizer, both of Kennewick.Old friends Mrs. Sara Burns and Mrs. Chris Hille, Washtucna. The three son-in-laws of Mrs. Blair, Walter Masiker, Earl Kalk and Leon L. Bailie, attended with their wives.

Blair, John & Anna


April 29, 1963 LF Obit

Simon Peter Blair, 79, died this morning in St. Gabriel's Hospital after a month's illness.  He was born April 16, 1884, in Little Falls, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Simon Blair, and had made his home here, all his life.  He was a member of the Third Order of St. Francis, and of the Senior Citizens Club.

In 1903 he was married to Josephine Ploof, who survives him, with two sons, Dr. Keith P. Blair, San Diego, Calif., and Lester E. Blair, Flint, Mich.  Also surviving are three sisters; Mrs. John Hughes, Little Falls; Mrs. Mayme Kelly, Portland, Ore., and Mrs. Nellie Goulette, Sand Point, Idaho; four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held in St. Mary's Church at 10 a.m. Thursday and burial will be in Calvary Cemetery.  Visitation hours in the Simonet Funeral Home begin at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday and the Rosary will be prayed there at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.
Blair, Peter – son of Simon & Lucy
June 13, 1967 LF Obit

Eugene G. Blais, 64, Sequim, Wash., and a former resident of this area, died June 1 in his home.  A requiem high Mass was read June 3, in Queen of Angels Church, Sequim, and burial was in Mount Angeles Cemetery.  He was born April 3, 1903, in Minnesota, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Eli Blais, and lived here until 1920, when he moved to Washington.  He was employed for 42 years as a papermaker for Crown-ZellerBach Corp., and was assistant plant superintendent at the time of his death.  He was a member of the Elks Lodge, Knights of Columbus and Sequim Grange.

He was married, Aug. 25, 1925, to Elsie Cameron, Seattle, who survives him, with one daughter, Mrs. John Barboe, Sequim.  Brothers and sisters are David Blais and William Gaboury Seattle, Wash.; Arthur Gaboury, California; Mrs. Elmer (Margaret )Wilder and Mrs. Pheobe Davidson, Port Angeles; Mrs. Isabel Severse, Fairfield, Wash.; Mrs. Bert Trapp, Grapeview, Wash.; Mrs. Ray Gudger, Shelton, Wash., and Mrs. Thomas Gibbons, Mountain View, Calif.  There are six grandchildren.  Relatives in this vicinity include cousins, Mrs. Laura LeDoux and Mrs. Roy Anderson.
Blais, Eugene son of Eli

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